Hello Neighbor 2 will be released with a Bigger Map and Self-Learning AI in 2021

Saiba Khan

Free-to-play Alpha Version

A sequel to a stealth-based video game has been scheduled to release in 2021, and this time, you can expect an improved AI system and better map to explore. Similar to its prequel and sequel, the game focuses on stealth-based horror gameplay where a strange creature stalks you as you start searching for Mr. Peterson, who abducted after the event of the first release.  

Self-learning AI

Additionally, you won’t only face off an unknown entity, but an advanced, self-learning AI also that may track and adapt all of your moves and actions you perform during the gameplay. Seriously, the feeling will be awesome when you see AI navigating the environment for finding different ways to ambush you. It will keep an eye on your movement, as well as navigation patterns, and if it finds these affective, you will repeat them to prevent you from achieving your goals.

Introduction of Random In-game Events

Lots of players were expecting sandbox experience; therefore, the second part of Hello Neighbor will be available to download with amazing sandbox mode that lets you find creative solutions to complete challenging puzzles by merely mixing items, platforming skills, and more. Developers introduce persistent events that appear randomly, offering you a feeling of a living world. While playing the game, you may have a choice to figure out each event to find a different result.

Puzzle-oriented Gameplay

Thanks for impressive performance, several crashes, and immersive gameplay that made the title more of a puzzle game as compared to stealth game. Despite all, it looks like everyone would enjoy the return of title, as the prequel and sequel – the multiplayer horror games both released on Steam last year, and offered impressive gameplay. And today, the developer unwraps a sequel, titled Hello Neighbor 2, which is under development and set to release in 2021.  

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