GTA VI Release Date Update: Bad News for Xbox One and PS4 Users?

Saiba Khan

A Bundle of Leaks

GTA 6 is in trending, and people are waiting for its release date. But lots of rumors and leaks are floating across the web, and the release date news starts with a leak which could bring bad news for fans of both PS4 and Xbox One. Despite not being announced by Rockstar Games, Grant Theft Auto VI is one of the most popular upcoming games on the horizon.

What Dexterto Said?

With the release of “Red Dead Redemption 2”, fans of GTA have been left considering about GTA 6 which is the next up. Now, the newly leaked news and rumors have made fans overdriven with some big claims emerging about the coming up next GTA title. A rumor claimed that GTA 6 would be landed in 2020 and set in Vice City, offering a map which is four times larger than the map of GTA V.

Furthermore, a newly alleged leak could be a piece of bad news for Xbox One and PS4 users hoping the game could be a heading to their gaming consoles. As mentioned in a post by Dexerto, a new leak emerged on a Reddit Page.

Two Protagonists (A Male and a Female)

The Leak claims that the game will release with both a make and a female protagonist, set in two major cities that could be San Fierro and Las Venturas. It also claimed in the leak that GTA VI will be more focused on the interior of the building, and it means the players have opportunities to explore the building properly like PUBG.

It may be possible that Rockstar will make an announcement regarding GTA IV in fall 2020. As Dexerto highlighted, if this reveal is happening in fall 202, then lots of chances available that GTA VI will be released in early 2021.

Some analysts are predicting that both significant gaming consoles, such as Xbox Scarlett and PS5 will be released in the same year which is 2020. If Rockstar will release the game in 2021, then that would be when both gaming consoles were well established. But if the same thing happens before the release of these gaming consoles, then Rockstar may opt against a cross-gen release and mainly focus on both consoles.

You should keep it with previous leaks that claimed Grant Theft Auto VI would be releasing on next-gen gaming consoles.

The leak also reveals that the game will have two types of gun stores. Underground stores will sell devastating weapons like satchel charges and rocket launchers, while Ammunition sells basic guns like sniper rifles and pistols.

The truthfulness of this rumor hasn’t been confirmed yet, and as with all leaks its best to consider them as a massive pinch of salt until the official announcement.

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