Granny Review – Now Available on PC

Saiba Khan

I think it’s freaky..but I like it

Have you ever played a horror game? If yes, then you should also try this one to compare which one is the scariest. When I started playing this game, I discover myself in a room having several objects like a chair, a bed, and a flashlight. At the start, I was a bit confused what to do next and what I need to find to manage an escape.. 

Although, the game is developed for mobile devices such as Android and iOS, after its success, the game is been released for PC. It uses the first-person perspective for its exploration and takes place in a 3D house haunted by a mad granny.


The game starts with the player who wakes up in a dark room and has a headache. It seems that someone has hit the player with some hard object. There is only one thing that you can find – a flashlight lying on a table which lights up the room. As you move across the room, you discover several locks at the main door.

The main task, you have to search the house in order to find keys and other objects. When playing the game, you must avoid making any sound because granny hears everything and even the sound of the dropped object might bring you trouble. So – Silence!

After hearing the sound, Granny will start running to the place she has heard the sound (she is so scary..she will come to you. But no tales will be told). 

I find this game very difficult because, with the easiest setting, granny had caught me several times in a first room (the beginning place). The house has many rooms, kitchen, and a hall, as well as an underground room. The good thing is that there are several items available where you can use as the stealth element to hide from granny and she won’t find you there.

So, you need to start the game carefully, avoid to make any sound, explore the house silently from a first-person view, interact with objects like table, cabinet, etc. to find objects and keys.

Bear Traps

Granny will set bear traps in front of the door if she feels that someone is in the room (I guess you were a naughty grandchild). So, you need to watch out for her bear traps and other deadly things lurking in the dark, including pets. Upon seeing that she is coming, you can hide under beds, in wardrobes and coffins (seriously, coffins?? In the house??) but carefully – she listens.

Practice Mode

In the Practice mode, you are alone in the house without granny. You have a chance to try all things without any difficulty and completely search the house, and even a garage. But the house isn’t free from dangers, even in Practice mode.

How to Escape – SPOILERS alert!

If you really want to escape then you should find a garage at the bottom of the house. There is an old vehicle (where is the key of the car). If you successfully manage to start the vehicle and open the door of the garage – escape guaranteed. 

Parents need to Know

Parents need to know that this indie, stealth and horror game comes with blood, art, and lots of scariest scenes that are probably intense for kids. The gameplay is really challenging as well, even on its easiest setting, it can frustrate some players.

Mad granny who chases the player through a house with a bat-like object to kill him. Players who are captured by granny are beaten and the blood spatter covers the playfield.

Personal Comment

I’m really addicted to this game and often play at night in dark (kidding). Granny is definitely a scare game, but the graphics aren’t too good (kind of a retro). The house is locked with no bright colors. You can hide in cabinets, under beds and have only five days to escape. Besides, you also can hear granny laughing in a creepy way or saying “I see you”(not the way “hide and seek” should be). Overall, a great game to feel the terror.  

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