Good News about PlayStation 4 Exclusive Days Gone

Saiba Khan

Yeah! Days Gone in coming

Finally, after several years of development, Sony has accomplished the production of their PlayStation 4 exclusive video game Days Gone. In a recent post on Twitter, Sony has announced that finally, the game had reached gold status, this means, the team has completed the development process of this project.

Have Enough Guts to face off Zombies?

With the completion of this game, it can now be sent to manufactures for production, means the game is almost ready to take place in your PC and Consoles. However, in the midst of the shot, you’re capable of watching the developer holding what kind of master disc.

Control a Handsome Protagonist and Ride a Bike

Days Gone lets you experience the horror survival gameplay, putting you in the role of a protagonist, a survival. The protagonist is a biker named Deacon St. John, who traverses across the apocalypse on his handsome bike. During the game, he will fight against bloodthirsty zombies called Freakers, among other deadly enemies.

About Days Gone

It uses Unreal Engine 4 to provide players with a better and realistic gaming experience. Days Gone usually deals with Action-Adventure mixed Survival Horror elements, offering challenging gameplay takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. However, as the protagonist, you navigate the environment full of zombies from a third-person perspective. If we talk about the event of this game which takes place two years after the global pandemic appeared and almost murdered all of the humanity, and shifted millions of people into “Freakers”, the mindless creature that is evolving speedily. 


You can complete several objectives in different ways, including stealth or using both long and short-ranged weapons. A dynamic weather system is also a part of this game and the day/night cycle will make this game even tougher, as well as make the zombies weak and slow by day, but really fast and angry by night.

Main Transportation Vehicle

The protagonist’s main vehicle is a motorcycle that can be altered with parts to improve the durability, speed, and maneuverability. So, you’re capable of crafting new items in order to improve your combat efficiency.

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