Get Ready for a Motorcycle in Skyrim – Dwarven Bike

Saiba Khan

Are you really looking for a horse? But why, when you can ride on a bike. As you know, the horse is really helpful but only in one condition when you have no other options to explore the world quickly. Because of only one horsepower, it is really slow and bored.

That’s the main reason players are looking for a fast vehicle, in fact, the alternative to Horse. So, the moment has come you’re waiting for, I mean a bike. Get ready to grab a bike and ride through Skyrim on it. This mod is specially created for those players who want to cruise across the world in style.

Dwarven Motorcycle

The bike is based on a horse’s skeleton, in spite of all the efforts of the developers, it remains somewhat related to a horse, difficult to remove. It also lets you select how you would like the bike to sound, even it can make standard Dwarven machinery noises. You can also set your bike to sound like a real motorcycle.

Bike looks like a Horse

Moreover, the bike is essential, means it can’t be smashed. While riding on a bike, you will experience upon attacking enemies that it still has a brain of a common horse. Leave your horse, start your bike engine and explore the world in style like never before.

You can download the mod from its official page.

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