Genshin Impact Review: Play with Friends to Explore 7 Nations

Saiba Khan

Many players love to enjoy a blend of Adventure and RPG games. Mihoyo Limited introduces a brand-new game to the mobile gaming industry with a mix of different genres. A beautiful journey awaits you with challenging adventures and surprises that make you puzzle.

Moreover, I like the graphics and the concept the developer introduced for players who love playing story-driven games with the twist of RPG and Adventure game elements. The world is beautifully crafted, known as Teyvat – offering you a massive environment teeming with life and flowing with elemental powers.

Story-driven Gameplay

The storyline focuses on two brothers who brought to another world by an unknown entity. It is responsible for separating them after arrival. As the game starts, the protagonist finds himself in a different world from his homeland upon awakening.

Next to that, the journey full of surprises has just started where the player is in seek of answers from seven kings. However, a massive range of characters are ready to help you in navigating each corner of the wondrous world where you aren’t only supposed to join forces, but also to reveal the countless mysteries that the world holds.  

Introduction of Massive Open-ended World

The world doesn’t have only plain field; it features massive mountains to climb, huge rivers to swim, and mouth-watering sceneries. Somehow, the world of the game seems similar to Final Fantasy, as well as combat mechanics. The navigation system is smooth, and it lets you navigate the world from a third-person viewpoint.

Using the intuitive controls, you can’t feel any difficulty while controlling your character. There are different playable characters available, and each one comes with a distinct personality and fighting styles. Althoughthe game doesn’t feature a single area, it has different zones to explore, and no one knows what you might discover if keeps investigating the world.

Smooth Soundtrack and Beautiful Visuals

The graphics are surprising and out of the world thanks to developers who worked hard. The stunning art style and real-time rendering deliver you a truly amazing visual experience, unlike others. You would be amazing for sure by watching the lighting effects and weather that change over time, promising to bring every detail of the world to life. The smooth sound effects will draw you in as you start navigating the wondrous world around you.

Team-based Gaming Experience

You’re not supposed to play alone when you have a choice of making the team with friends across different platforms. Furthermore, Lonely you can’t take on tricky bosses and challenging domains to have amazing rewards; therefore, playing a gang will boost your abilities many times and help you performing more actions, tackling bosses, and more.


Developers did a great job in designing a beautiful world. Story-driven elements aren’t only the source of fun, as the navigation of the massive world keeps you engaged for endless hours of fun. After approaching the targeted place, you wish to go a bit more forward to see what will appear next. The cast of characters is beautiful, and each one releases with varied personality and a set of moves you can use to defeat enemies and their evil bosses.

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