Garena Free Fire – Top 5 Best Locations in Kalahari Map to Loot and Land

Saiba Khan

Choose Your Favorite Location to Start Looting

Garena Free Fire is one of the best Battle Royale video games available to play on Mobile Devices. The game pits up to fifty players against each other, instead of 100 like PUBG. Although it offers similar gameplay to PUBG, releases with smaller maps and limited weapons. There are several playable characters available, and each one has a unique appearance, playstyle, and personality. A series of massive weapons are available, and the game grants you the extraordinary power of modifying your character at very start after making the selection. Before starting the game, you should choose your playable character from available, select the game type from Solo, Duo, and Squad.

Selecting your squad mode provides you with an opportunity to invite your friends to play with you against other players. However, you can also go with random players using the matchmaking system of the game, which works perfectly and pits you against those players who are equal in rank or a bit higher than you. Free Fire is celebrating its third anniversary and brings a lot of new content for its users, including New Weapons, Character Cards, Maps, and Game Modes. You should know that all prominent items are introduced for a limited time, as they will be rolled back after seven days.

Top 5 Best Locations to Land in Kalahari Map for Loot

Our primary topic is Kalahari Map of Free Fire, recently introduced to the game for players to experience a new environment, containing lots of locations, massive mountains, and immense structures with heavy machinery. It was introduced to the game back in February, though it was available in Classic mode only at that time. But, now the map gets fully matured, and players are searching for the best places to loot.

Before started, you should know something about the map apart from other maps, such as:

  • Developers have introduced smaller areas, where matches don’t stretch out too long.
  • As compared to Purgatory and Bermuda, there are more terrains, and each one contains high drops and massive fall damage.
  • When playing the game, you find a lot of shelters and covers to avoid enemy attacks, as well as less open areas to spray.

Here are the Best Places in Kalahari Map

Command Post

It serves as one of the best places to land because there are lots of loot await you. Upon landing, for sure, you find every equipment and gear you need to take on other players, and you may confront other players too, to defeat. The area contains many tents and houses, and you may find an armor kid easily without any hustle.

Santa Catarina

The beautiful place on the map contains lots of houses behind a massive mountain. Lots of weapons, gears, and power-ups are scattered throughout the environment, and there are many chances for everyone to have many objects at their disposal. Landing over the said location may be in your favor, but sometimes, it could be dangerous, and it could be the most favorite place of other players too.

Stone Ridge

It comes third in the list of Best Locations in Kalahari Map to Land and Loot because I found basic loot over here, but the ratio of facing enemies is more than having required and advanced weapons and tools. While playing the game, you can easily climb upstairs and can kill other players by intervening in battles.

The Sub

The Sub is my favorite, as it contains approximately all types of weapons, health kits, and ammo for you to claim. Landing on the ruined submarine provides you an outstanding experience, and you can see your surrounding lands using a gun you find at the end of the sub. You should be careful, as it could be a favorite place for other players. Upon landing, you find many huts nearby the sub, containing a lot of loot for you.

Refinery and Stadium

The refinery is considering as the best place to land, as it contains many loots, players to kill, and a vast area to explore. It is popular among players because of offering many shelters and cover. You find different structures build upon massive pillars, offering you shelters and cover against other players. In case you intend to increase your kills, you should visit that place. Next to that, Stadium is my 2nd place where I usually love to land. You can find a lot of weapons and gears than your expectation, as well as covers and shelters too.

Let us know your opinion about the best Locations of Kalahari Map to land and loot in the comment section!

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