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Vibrant Graphics, immersive soundtracks, and challenging levels, It Takes Two video game is loaded with all of these features. It supports only Multiplayer mode and comes with stunning gameplay that keeps you engaged for endless hours of fun. With a 10/10 rating on Steam, It Takes Two is enjoying a massive crowd of players, intending to reach the end while exploring the stunning environments. The craziest journey awaits you to embark on in “It Takes Two video game” where you discover a blend of Adventure and Platforms is created for a pure co-op gaming experience. We’ve compiled a list of Best Co-op Games Like It Takes Two.


Moreover, you play as May and Cody who suspiciously turned into dolls and get trapped in a magical world where no one knows what happens next. During the gameplay, you are tasked with mastering all unique abilities in every new level, while helping another character. The prominent features of the game are the following: Pure Co-op Experience, Disruptive Gameplay, Universal Tale, and more. If you are one of those who are searching for Similar Games to It Takes Two, despite experiencing the wonderful gameplay, then here’s a list for you.

A Way Out

Released in 2018, A Way Out has lots of prominent features that are similar to It Takes Two video game. The game supports only Multiplayer gameplay and comes with two prisoners who are on a run. Furthermore, you are allowed to experience the gameplay in Local Split-screen mode between two players like It Takes Two game. The names of the two characters are Leo and Vincent who break out of prison. Your ultimate goal is to keep both characters stay on the run from authorities. Furthermore, the game is full of action, thrill, and fight.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

You would be surprised to know that A Way Out is developed by the creators of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Whether you are looking for Games Like It Takes Two or A Way Out, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons perfectly fits as an alternative to both titles. It is released on several platforms; however, the Single-player mode is only available on the Nintendo Switch. Firstly, the game was released for Xbox 360 on 7 August 2013, later on, it was released for others. Furthermore, the game sees both characters navigating the environment from a third-person viewpoint.

Unravel 2

Released in 2018 for Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation, Unravel 2 has both Single-player and Multiplayer modes, while offering you a blend of Puzzle and Platform genres like It Takes Two. The plot centers on two characters, who are anthropomorphic creatures made of yarn. It serves as the sequel to the 2016 video game Unravel. During the gameplay, both characters should work together to solve a variety of puzzles and manipulate the world surrounding them. The primary plot takes place on an island where the difficulty level increases gradually.


It offers a perfect mix of Adventure and Role-playing game elements, released by the Instant Kingdom. The game supports only Single-player mode, but still, it perfectly fits a list of It Takes Two Alternatives. It takes place in a stunning world where people are worried because of a forgotten evil’s shadow. The game features several difficulty levels, such as Adventure, Champion, Warlord, and Guardian. You are allowed to change the difficulty level during the gameplay using the options menu.

Never Alone

Although the game was released in 2014, still people are crazy about it. Never Alone comes with both Single-player and Multiplayer modes and is available to play on almost all gaming platforms. It introduces a heart-touching storyline that revolves around a female character and her companion, fox. When playing, the player requires to solve tricky puzzles to proceed with the storyline; however, the player has a chance to swap characters for the completion of objectives. Besides, the player navigates the land from a side-scroll perspective and can run and jump her way to reach the end.

Papo and Yo

Unlike It Takes Two, Papo and Yo comes with only a Single-player mode but shares a lot of similarities. Taking place in a fantasy-themed world, the game has a blend of Puzzle and Adventure genres. The plot revolves around a young boy who left the house to hide because of his alcoholic father and is found in an unknown world that seems like a dreamland. As the player starts to explore the land, lots of monsters and other creatures start to make their appearance.

Portal 2

Surely, you would be surprised after seeing Portal 2 in a list of Games Like It Takes Two. Although the game seems close to sci-fi, it shares lots of similar aspects based on which we bring it to the list. Like the original title, the game involves the player solving tricky puzzles by merely placing portals and teleporting between them. It brings many new features to the sequel of the first game like Tractor Beams, Light Bridges, Lasers, and Paint-like Gels. Click to read our Outriders Review.

We hope you have found the Best Alternatives to It Takes Two.

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