Fortnite Update: Official NBA Jerseys are coming on 21st May

Saiba Khan

It was a lifelong dream of many Fortnite players to defeat their enemies while representing their favorite NBA team by wearing its jersey. Finally, the dream comes true as Official NBA jerseys are coming to Fortnite this week and the update will feature Jerseys of more than 30 NBA clubs.

Not just the jersey, there are new emotes and new bag packs with each jersey to take the experience to the next level. You can buy your favorite jersey from the in-game shop and show off by using an emote after killing an enemy during the game.

Players can get Fortnite lockers that are hand-picked by two legends of the game who are none other than Donovan Mitchell and Trae Young themselves. It is one of those epic moments where Fortnite brings the world of sports into games, all thanks to the official collaboration of Fortnite with the NFL and NBA.

It was that much of a surprise as Fortnite is already famous for doing the same thing in the past and they launches such events from time to time to keep the motivation at max. You can bring the traditional sports rivalry to your favorite game and invite your friends to play with them together wearing what you love the most. 

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