Fortnite is getting a Jurassic World-style new Baller Vehicle Soon

Saiba Khan

Get Ready to Drive a New Vehicle

Recently, the developer has confirmed that a new vehicle is going to be introduced, and it seems pretty wild. The vehicle “The Baller” exactly looks like a hamster. So, it will be introduced for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile devices soon, though no one doesn’t know when and how. Unfortunately, We really don’t know what sort of weapons the vehicle will arm with.

Explore the new Pirate Camps

Fortnite Season 8 is running, featuring new skins and other items, including cosmetics. However, the subsequent update has also featured buried treasure maps, engaging players in exploration aspects. There’s a series of weekly challenging Fortnite Season 8 is now available, and the two tough of them task players with navigating the new Pirate Camps and locating the massive face in the huge desert, snowy, and jungle-themed environment.

Show off Your Skills

As a hardcore gamer, you have a chance to show off your skills, taking down buddies or other players from across the world. The game rewards you with V-Bucks against completing each objective. So you can use these in-game currencies to unlock further content, weapons, and cosmetics. There are lots of rarest skins, weapons, and items need lots of V-Bucks to be unlocked. So, work hard you way through the massive maps and gather lots of things to advance through the game.

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