Fire Emblem’s Byleth is Next Fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Saiba Khan

Byleth is Confirmed for Ultimate

Without any break, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s line-up is continuously growing. Today, the director of the game has confirmed to introduce Byleth in Smash Bros from Fire Emblem: Three Houses to Nintendo Switch game. Three Houses was released last summer, introducing a long-running strategy game to Nintendo Switch console for the first time. The gameplay is quite different as compared to its previous titles, but comes with a focus on social aspects, as well as turn-based battle.

Available in Both Versions (Male and Female)

The main playable character in Three Houses was Byleth, who is a professor and available in both male and female versions. Both versions will also available in Super Smash Bros. as well. Many players said that though mobility of the introduced character is low, it is good at fighting from a specific distance. The character is armed with a relic – a weapon appeared from Three Houses, which can be modified depending on the style you choose to play. How many Fire Emblem Characters are in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? While Byleth serves as the first character who will join Smash from Three Houses, the game has lots of characters borrowed from Fire Emblem already.

A New Stage and 11 Songs will be added

Besides Byleth, a new stage from Fire Emblem: Three Houses is also going to introduce in the game focused on the Garreg Mach Monastery where players from all over the world spend their time in play the last version of Fire Emblem. Similarly, up to 11 familiar songs from the said game are being introduced to the Ultimate game as well.

Byleth (Fire Emblem’s Character) will be released choose on 28th January 2019.

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