Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker adds a new Class, Reaper

Saiba Khan

For those who have a soft spot for Final Fantasy in their hearts, it is a piece of great news for them that the new class of Final Fantasy 14 is named Reaper is finally coming on the 23rd of November. Those who have pre-ordered can play it four days earlier than other gaming communities.

The developers of Final Fantasy 14 MMORPG have officially announced all the details about what is coming up in the new expansion. Other than the new addition to the storyline, there are new player classes named Sage class and Reaper class.

Introduction of Reaper Class

The Reaper is a DPS class that can call the powers of God to help your team in the battle and defeat all your enemies in a few hits. You don’t need to unlock any further classes to equip the reaper class and you will equip it at player level 70. Reaper is equipped with a two-handed weapon known as Scythe that can deal a lot of damage to your enemies.

A trailer of Final Fantasy 14: EndWalker tells us that we will be setting on a journey to a scholarly city known as Sharlayan and you may already hear of this name earlier in the game. It will be the first time that adventurers will be going to visit this city in the game.

New Modes and Dungeon Battles

New raid modes and dungeons battles are coming where you can fight with up to 24 enemy players at the same time by making a team of your friends. The EndWalker will end the main story of Final Fantasy 14 story and a new story of the game will start in the upcoming updates. Some leaks suggest that there will be a new woman class coming up but developers haven’t confirmed it yet.

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