Fights in Tight Spaces Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Tricks

Saiba Khan

If you are a beginner and playing Fights in Tight Spaces for the first time, you may find it challenging to land every move right on the target and get defeated. Fights in Tights Spaces makes you get into a virtual room with enemies, and walls are closing in on you as time goes on, so you need to defeat enemies as soon as possible or get ready for close-quarter combat, which can be difficult. Here are five tips that you can follow as a beginner to make your way to the top.

Learn Movements of the Enemy

No strategy is perfect for this game, and you need to change it according to the situation of the fight constantly. Hover over enemies when you first engage in a fight to learn their movements and time your punches accordingly. Use the abilities of your enemies to your advantage, which you can learn by playing the game more and more.

Use Push Effect

The push effect is a practical move to push the enemy before your path without using a fighting move. If the enemy is close to a window or on the edge of a staircase, use the push effect to kill them and instantly focus on the remaining enemies. Look for attack cards with push effects in the game and equip them for the next battle.

Avoid Corners

Professional players suggest that no matter how good your gameplay is, never put yourself in a corner, or you will never be able to get out of there alive. You can’t hit an enemy or shot from a corner and will receive constant hits from enemies in all directions. Take a hit if you have to, but don’t get in a corner.

Do Experiment with all Cards

Fights in Tight Spaces offers many cards with different moves that you can experiment with. You will unlock these cards as you progress through the game and some of these cards are worth the shot. Instead of making your favorites at the start of the game, experiment with all the available cards and choose your favorites afterward. Upgrade the cards to increase their effects and equip cards based on the next fight for the maximum impact.

Focus on your Health

It doesn’t matter your game strategy; your priority should be keeping an eye on your health. If you keep losing your health due to your lousy positioning or other gameplay mistakes, your chances of making it to the end of the game will get slim. Use medical clinics you will find on the route and regain your health before setting on your journey again. Manage your visits to the medical clinic and card upgrades side by side, as the game gives you the option to either visit the clinic or upgrade your cards.

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