Fallout 76 Review

Saiba Khan

Fallout 76 with Online Multiplayer feature looks similar to Fallout 4. If you haven’t played Fallout 4, then this game is for you which offers open sandbox, first-person shooter gameplay. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The difference between these two games is that this time you may not be only the player exploring the world surrounding you. Along the journey, you will encounter other survivors controlled by other players from around the globe that can lend a helping hand.

Narrative-focused Role-playing

Traditionally, Fallout video game comes with Single-player, Narrative-based Role-playing elements. With an emphasis on the actions and choices of you, it directly affects the storyline of the game and the world around you. The game contains a simple narrative, in the sense that you have story quests, but the wealth of Non-player Characters and dialogue choices that littered past titles of the series are completely gone.

Huge Map

I found myself lost in the massive post-apocalyptic land of West Virginia when I started playing the game. The vast map engages me playing alone for a couple of reasons. First, because the map is really huge compared to Fallout 4, taking place in West Virginia, where the game is a chocker and sprawling block which is full of exciting locations to navigate. Exploring the environment in a straight line, I would probably have to hold the forward button, to experience an hour which takes me from one side to other. Second, I found lots of players populating the game world. The developer of the game defines the specific number of players to avoid overpopulation. Means, you can experience hours of gameplay without encountering other players when playing in a solo mode.

Vault 76

The game introduces a Vault 76 known as a haven, where all smart players can take shelter before a massive blast, is a high-speed experience. After that, I came out of the vault 76 alone like a hero and the only interaction I had was a message from the Overseer of Vault, informing me to follow the path through the wasteland. Before, this isn’t a big issue as there is a wealth of locations and nifty systems to explore. Most of these elements are similar to Fallout 4. Crafting system also works in the same way following the previous game. As you try to gather items from the massive map, you can scrap them at workbenches. And use these collected parts to craft weapons and armour you picked up along the way. Or you can also use them to craft new equipment respectively. In the game, scrapping weaponry also let you learn new mods for that weapon.


In the beginning, the game is fun to play, but within a few minutes of play, I found myself finding the challenging task from random quests as discovering exciting locations and radio messages. The available missions work similar to Destiny 2 events and get ready to complete at casual events. The building mechanics of the game include another dose of variety. These mechanics also work in the same way as Fallout 4.

Personal Comment

Fallout 76 is one of most fabulous titles in the series since the release of Fallout 3. The new features like Multiplayer elements to the post-apocalyptic themed world offer the immersive and intense experience. Playing with fellows for looting resources like weapons, items, and equipment from different towns, really an excellent new way to have fun with friends. Character development and robust crafting systems are superb.

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