Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review – Battle Royale Game with no Weapon

Saiba Khan

Everyone knows how the Battle Royale genre is ruling over the world, and the most anticipated titles have taken over the gaming industry within a few years. You might know about Fortnite that achieved a milestone of 10 Million players within a month, while on other hand, Apex Legends did it within a week. Therefore, we figured this would be a great time to review Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, because it has released on 4 August 2020, and offering you fabulous gameplay, unlike others.

Are you familiar with the Wipeout TV Game Show, where 24 contestants go through courses to win a cash prize? Similarly to Wipeout, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout introduces such type of environment, where you are supposed to reach the end before anyone to win. It brings a brilliant mix of Humor, Battle Royale, Online Co-op, and Multiplayer gameplay, published by Devolver Digital.

Introduction – The Perfect mix of Wipeout with Battle Royale

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout pits waves of contestants against each one in a mad dash through round after round of spreading chaos until the last standing person remains. The game contains challenging obstacles that you must overcome, avoid hurdles, and shove through competitors while overcoming the unbending laws of physics. Never give up, and get ready for hilarious battle in an epic quest to claim the crown after dominating all rounds.

A Set of Ridiculous Challenges

The game features MMO mode, pitting players against each other. Dive into a set of challenges against wild obstacle courses with other competitors. The Player aims to go through a round of escalating chaos and attempt to be the last survival. Completion of each round will lead you to the next one with increasing difficulty of level. As the game start, you find yourself standing among other players in a chaotic environment.

Introduction of Competitive and Cooperative Modes

It doesn’t only feature Battle Royale mode, as Competitive and Cooperative modes are also available to play. During the gameplay, players can shift between a competitive free-for-all and cooperative challenges. Losing team will be eliminated from the game. While playing in the said modes, you will experience similar gameplay to Rocket League, but this time, you are supposed to control a character instead of a vehicle.

Customizable Characters

Similar to other Battle Royale games, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout features several playable characters and each one has unique abilities. As it starts, the game asks you choose your character and customize it to make it unique among other players. The customization option includes a variety of accessories, including costumes, items, and other decorations.


Although the game seems similar to Gang Beasts, the addition of Battle Royale mode takes it to next level. The majority of players have appreciated the genre, and praise the developers. With more than 150 thousands positive reviews on Steam, the game is in trending since its first day of release. The graphics are cartoonish, and the game doesn’t feature any violence, though escalation of chaos is available, which is attractive. Soon, we’ll be back with Top Best Games Like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

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