Everything is Freely Available to Play on the Epic Games Store – So Hurry Up before it’s too late

Saiba Khan

Everything is a Game!

Before you go wild, let me clarify that “Everything” is a simulation available on the Epic Games Store for free. Pack your bags and get ready to embark on thoroughly brilliant journey through the massive universe. To make your adventure awesome, Epic Games Store has introduced another freebie which is full of violence, action, and shooting, “Metro 2033 Redux.”

About Everything – What You Should Know?

Everything is an award-winning simulation full of exciting things from animals to planets to galaxies and beyond the limits. Embark on a journey between inner and outer space to navigate a massive interconnected universe freely. There are no goals, scores, and tasks to complete. David OReilly develops the game for PC. Everything in the game is procedural, and it introduces an AI-driven system of nature. It seems you’ve an ability to explore the universe from different perspective.

Metro 2033: Redux – Become a Survivor and Save Humanity

In the year 2013, the world was thoroughly smashed due to an apocalyptic event. It causes the destruction of humanity and transform the surface of planet Earth into a wasteland. The people who could hardly survive took shelter in the depths of the Moscow underground. However, the human race stuck into a new Dark Age where from to come out it a bit tough.

The whole generation has been born and raised in bunkers, and their besieged cities are struggling for their survival by facing mutants await outside. The game puts you in charge of Artyom, who born last days before the fire, but raised in underground environment. However, the journey takes you to the forgotten catacombs beneath the subway to the wasteland above, where your actions and decision will matter and determine the fate of humanity.

Hurry Up, This offer is for only 7 Days.

Both titles “Everything” and “Metro 2033: Redux” are free until 03 October 2019, Thereafter they will be replaced by “Mint.” To grab these freebies, please visit the official Store.

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