Escape From Tarkov Overview – Everything You Need to Know

Saiba Khan

Two Powerful Private Military Companies await you

Escape from Tarkov isn’t wholly released yet, but its “Beta Version” is still running. Three exciting modes are there, including Free-Roam and Arena-mode, for having a great gaming experience like never before. You would be amazed to know that the game was developed and published by the independent gaming company, Battlestate Games. Set in the fictional world, known as the Norvinsk region, where a massive conflict has torn between two military companies such as BEAR and the United Security for a political scandal in regards to the exclusive economic zone of the particular area.  

Traditional FPS Experience

The developer uses the first-person perspective to give a feel like the popular shooting games like Battlefield and Call of Duty but with different elements. To participate in the on-going battle, you have to select your side from BEAR and the United Security. As a soldier, your ultimate objective focuses on escaping the massive city of Tarkov by either taking part in one of two private military organizations or by struggling to acquire loot from restricted areas.

A Special Economic Zone

An economic zone serves as one of the major reasons for battle because it is considering a gateway between Europe and Russia. Therefore, the attracted organizations and the city turned into a center for a massive political scandal, involving evil companies. Six months after enormous destruction, the situation has erupted into a fully-armed conflict involving both United Nations Peacekeepers and Russian Internal Troops, including two private military organizations – named already mentioned above.

After that, the borders of that area were sealed, and people trapped amidst were isolated from the outside land. Throughout the scene, the United Security was acquired by the Terra Group. In contrast, BEAR was acquired by the Russian Government to reveal the evidence about Terra Group, a corrupted organization utterly involved in a scandal.

Playable Modes

So far, there are four playable modes in its “Beta Version”; each one is offering a unique game type and a set of objectives to achieve. The names of available modes are the following:

  • PMC
  • Scav
  • Offline Mode
  • Player Hideout

In PMC mode, the player can use his chosen character to partake in the raid with equipped weapon. After finding himself in the raid, the game gives an option to the player to select any gear from dead players, AI-controlled character, and loot from spawn locations, including Filling Cabinets, Tower Blocks, and more.

What is Scav? Scav is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Faction, and the game allows the player to get into the game world as Scav with a random set of equipment and gear. The startup of Scav AI will be neutral, but often other players from around the globe have to jump into the raid as a Scav to face off PMCs or other players.

Offline Mode – In this mode, players can experience the same maps found in PMC mode, as well as have access to Sandbox mode to test their gear, experience, loot, and actions.

Player Hideout – For sure, your focus will be centered on locating buildings and other options to secure yourself from enemies while you’re playing FPS games. Similar to other FPS games maps, the world, where the game is set, includes a set of buildings and other hideouts; each one is offering unique bonuses, ranging from player recovery to manufacture of items.

Upcoming Modes

So far, the game is in beta version, and there are four modes, but soon there will be three more modes, and their names are the following:

  • Story Mode
  • Open World
  • Arena Mode

The game is expecting to be released soon once the developer confirmed it on Steam. Soon, we will be back with its Proper Guide for Newbie and some Tips and Tricks. Stay tune with us for Escape from Tarkov Review.

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