Epic Games Store offers Three Free Games this week

You’ve a week to claim three free games

Didn’t claim any game from Epic’s 12 Days of Free Games? Don’t worry as Epic Games Store is offering a trio of freebies, which you can get within a week. The Holiday Sale ended, which was meant to finish yesterday, has been expanded, so you’ve another chance to get cool discounts on the most anticipated games, such as Red Dead Redemption, Control, and the most recent releases.

This week comes with free games that let you kill enemies your way through the post-apocalyptic-themed cities, vicious monster-infested realms, and picturesque mountain. The first two titles of Darksiders are available in the form of Deathfinitive and Warmastered Edition.

Darksiders Warmastered Edition

The story follows the first horseman who after deceiving by the dark forces of evil into the premature environment stands against them to restore the peace. The war is torn between heaven and hell, bringing the world at the edge of destruction. You can claim the game with all of its prominent features, including apocalyptic power, extreme arsenal, an epic quest, and a character progression system.

Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition

The 2nd freebie, which is offering the ultimate experience of Darksiders II. It comes with reintroduced and tuned game balancing and loot distribution. However, reworked graphics render engine lets you experience the game with high visual quality, lighting and shadows. The epic universe, player choice and customization feature, replay-ability, etc. are awesome features.


The third freebie that comes with the open-world landscape, letting you embark on an endless run. While playing the game, you can defy and master the huge mountain either alone or with buddies on skis, snowboards, wingsuits, and paragliders. Each of your stunts will be recorded to let you share with your buddies.

All three games are available to claim until 9 January 2020.

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