Epic Confirms Secret Skirmish Competition for Top Fortnite Players

Saiba Khan

Yesterday, Epic Games has confirmed that the Secret Skirmish is going to be the first big event in 2019. A two-day event, introducing the top players from each competition of Fortnite fighting against each other for the massive reward pool.

It is also confirmed that each match will be transmitted to the official channels of Fortnite. However, you can expect the same detailed matches as PAX and TwitchCon, according to Epic Games.

Furthermore, you can also expect Epic Games to reveal additional operations, during the two days of the event. They suggest you keep an eye on upcoming updates as they release more details of this event.

Additionally, Epic said that the 2-day competition will also be used to improve its broadcast team for the upcoming Fortnite World Cup later this. That’s an event with the huge prize pool of $100 Million. So, you can consider that Epic is trying to get it right.

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