Electronic Arts Need Help: Anthem is crashing PlayStation 4 Consoles

Saiba Khan

Bugs in Anthem

While playing Anthem video game, gamers have experienced console crashes, promoting EA to request information from the community. Anthem has received countless reports from gamers for this video game containing bugs since before its release. However, this particular problem is causing gamers’ PS4 consoles to switch off in the midst of the gameplay.

Moreover, one gamer has reported as if they had pulled the console’s plug from the outlet and another gamer described that his TV and console has turned off due to this issue. 

Problem is mentioned in several Reviews

This problem was even highlighted in several reviews as serious crashes on PlayStation 4 are proving dangerous for the hardware itself to the point where it’s complicated to recommend playing this game on that console until the technical issues are solved.

Turn Off, Turn On

Furthermore, this problem isn’t only frustrating but could cause complex issues with gamers’ consoles. As some players described that they had to switch off their consoles again and again before the system would power back on. When the console restarts after a crash, players them moves to report crash data. And the system automatically runs a check on its drives. 

EA Community Manager Request

The community Manager of EA (Electronic Arts) has posted a request to EA Answers HQ website on Monday. Requesting for some following details from users, including Types of Consoles, Explanation of Crash circumstances, PSN ID, what things had to be done to power on the console again, etc.

Looking for the Cause of the Problem

There are also some players who are concerned that playing Anthem video game will lead to them bricking their consoles. Means, a console crashes so hard that it’s no longer works. Electronic Arts promise to find the main cause of the problem through the information they’re collecting from users. If you’re one of them who are experiencing this serious issue, then you can report it following this link.

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