Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance Review

Saiba Khan

When the first trailer of Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance was released, players from across the world got crazy after watching next-level graphics and newly introduced content. After release, it doesn’t seem the game successfully won the heart of those players, I said on the behalf of mixed reviews found on Steam. Similar to previous titles of Dungeons and Dragons, the new title has set in the post-apocalyptic-themed world where the player is expected to navigate dungeons.

Moreover, Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance tries to adapt one of the best novels set in the Forgotten Realms setting, known as “The Crystal Shard.” Additionally, the game unfolds a tale of heroics set in a fantasy-themed setting. Although the game is an adaption of two novels in the Icewind Dale Trilogy, it reflects the normal quality of the novel, unfortunately.

Environment and Controls

Apart from that, the gameplay looks like a half-baked cake that seems pretty delicious before eating, but upon taking a bite you neither swallow it nor throw it out of your mouth. It is not ended here, the control seems un-obedient that won’t work when you are in need. Aside from that, the environment took me back to the earlier D&D video game where I was found myself finding hidden objects for the completion of objectives. You could say it a lovely trip that took me back in the golden era of D&D.

Bosses are Dangerous than ever

After environment and gameplay, let’s talk about enemies controlled by AI and majority of players have a complaint that they found enemies less than ideal; furthermore, don’t forget Meat Shield Big Boy enemies who possess wake up an attack that won’t only detect you, but also attack even though you are behind any object. Despite a deadly attack, it will destroy half of your HP in only one hit.

Combat and Movement feels Clunky

The game is popular among players because of its multiplayer mode that is also badly affected in the newly released title. I hope you might be one of a few fortunate people who didn’t experience it yet, lots of players have reported several glitches in multiplayer mode.

As you join a match, the game leaves you disconnected from your teammates. Besides that, combat and player movement are also very clunky. To fix the error, you may need to change the camera setting to 100%, but believe me, it won’t work because it did it 5 times.


Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance promises after getting mixed reviews to introduce new content very soon. Overall, the experience was not so much good as it was expected. Despite being connected with the D&D video game series, it doesn’t seem the best choice to play unless the game doesn’t remove glitches and bring improvements. Upon getting asked, I would rate the game 5 out of 10.

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