Dirty Bomb goes completely free in its Last Update

Saiba Khan

What to blow up..?

The final update of the squad-based shooter video game will make Dirty Bomb entirely free. The developer has confirmed that they were ending active development on Dirty Bomb last year.

Additionally, they said that after one more update development would complete but, as they sat down to decide what fixes they would make, the content of that development completely changed.

However, the developer wants to celebrate the last update development by granting both old and new players access everything for absolutely free. According to the developer, they have been working to eliminate all monetization from the game. And also have thrown some special treats as a thank you to all of their players for supporting the game over years. Finally, the update is scheduled to be released on next Tuesday, 15th January.

In the game, everyone will get their hands on expansive weapon skins, on available Obsidians, etc. without spending bucks. All RADs will convert to credits and 1 RAD = 20.84 Credit.

The RAD DLC pack is removed from Steam, as well as the prices of RAD are also eliminated from Crafting. Moreover, Splash Damage has included more items to the list of things. Players can trade on Steam, including Weapon Cars and Loadouts.

If you’ve still RADs, they will be turned into Credits, a free in-game currency. You can spend on special cases, including trinkets, and event cases from previous events. In the last update, players are also capable of making credits at a faster rate, up from 19 to 50 per minute.

Despite removing the real money purchases, it seems that some of the grind associated with free-to-play economies remains. As a new player, you need to unlock an event chest. To get over 50,000 credits you need to play the game for sixteen hours.

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