Difference between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite – Top Major Differences

Saiba Khan

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battleground) is a Battle Royale and Multiplayer video game released for Multiple Platforms on 20 December 2017. Since the first day of its release, PUBG has taken over the gaming industry by a massive storm and nowadays ruling over it. Firstly, the company releases the game for PC and gaming consoles; later on, after watching the increasing popularity of the game, developers had decided to bring their masterpiece to mobile devices. At that time, Garena Free Fire has successfully gained a massive fan following on both Android and iOS.

Firstly, the developers had released PUBG Mobile, which gains a huge success within a few days. The problems players from all over the world facing are lagging and low-quality of graphics. Because, the smooth gaming experience is only available over the latest devices, players who were using the old android version with limited Ram and Rom can’t enjoy the gameplay.

It requires a minimum of 6 GB space and up to 4 GB Ram. The proves a significant dent on the success of PUBG Mobile, and Free Fire took advantage of that situation, because the download size of Free Fire is about 500 MB, while it runs smoothly on a device of 2GB Ram. After realizing, developers launch a mini version of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile vs. PUBG Mobile Lite

It doesn’t make sense that the popularity of PUBG Mobile is more than its tiny version. This is because the majority of PUBG Mobile players consider the lite version isn’t as good as the primary game. However, it’s still a decent game which brings smooth gaming experience for those players who are willing to play PUBG on a device of limited resources.

Top 5 Major Differences 

We compiled a list of five significant differences, and let you why PUBG Mobile is better than PUBG Lite version or why the lite version is better than PUBG Mobile.

Duration of Each Game

Although the time duration totally depends on the survival skills of players, the time you required to be the last standing player in PUBG Mobile is doubled than the lite version. Another major factor affects the duration of time, the number count of players. PUBG Mobile pits up to 100-player against each other, while the Lite Version starts with only 60-player.


Over four maps are available in PUBG Mobile, including Sanhok and Erangel, while the PUBG Mobile Lite brings only two playable maps, such as Golden Woods and Varenna. The map size in the lite version is smaller than the original once.

Phone Requirements

As the name implies, you need fewer phone requirements to run the PUBG Mobile Lite. With a phone of 1GB RAM and approximately 2GB internal storage, you can run the game smoothly. On the other hand, PUBG Mobile requires from 4GB to 8GB RAM, and up to 15 GB free internal storage to run smoothly.


Majority of players aren’t satisfied with the offered graphics in PUBG Mobile Lite compared to PUBG Mobile. Keep in mind that if you are supposing to play Battle Royale game with limit resources, then having a compromise isn’t a big deal, although we didn’t feel so much difference between visuals of both versions.

Player Count

The max player count in PUBG Mobile is 100, but it decreases to 60 in PUBG Mobile Lite. The decrement in the player count is because of smaller maps found in PUBG Mobile Lite. Therefore, the time duration of PUBG Mobile Lite is less than PUBG Mobile.

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