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Diablo becomes an app..


Diablo won

So, if You haven’t watched BlizzCon, You don’t know the news – Diablo will have new version and it has name: Immortal. Don’t get excited too much. Diablo Immortal will be mobile, and mobile version ONLY. It’s sad.
As an oldschool gamer I was frustrated to hear these news ( – My beloved ARPG, I’ll miss You..)..
So You have been fighting against all these monsters and demons from Diablo to Diablo 3, but evil forces won.

Is mobile concept bad?

From the trailer footage we can see, that gameplay is very similar to all previous Diablo’s, but it’s not for hardcore gamers anymore. We all know, that developers go mobile because of attention. They want to attract new people to their product. It has no “soul” anymore. A lot easier controls and simpler combos. Diablo with it’s Immortal got shallow like all other mobile aRPGs.

Final thoughts

Maybe I’m not being subjective or too attached to old Diablo. Yes, that might be the case. But, I think developers will lose their loyal communities because of craze going after mobile apps.
True gamers will always choose gamepad or mouse and keyboard as their weapon choices.

If You are curious, check this Diablo Immortal trailer video:

Image sources: Blizzard, Forbes

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