Devil May Cry 5 Update: Capcom Confirms Co-op Play

Saiba Khan

The new cameo system and bloody places of Devil May Cry is showcased in a trailer during 2018’s Game Awards. Capcom has shared the details with its audience about the new system and informs how players can use it to play co-op in an upcoming title. Devil May Cry 5 comes with a Single-player Campaign, navigated through the perspectives of three different protagonists, including V and Dante. In the plot, at the specific points, these protagonists will cross each another. This means, while playing the game, there are lots of chances that you will encounter another player in the same world. In some cases, you just encounter the player-controlled character moving in the level’s background. However, you and another character will fight against each other using combos and other fighting moves in the same battle.  

Capcom Statement

Capcom wants to make sure that DMC 5 is still a Single-player Experience. So in the game, you aren’t going to encounter downtime or loading screens. According to Capcom, in some cases, if there are no other players available to connect, then you’ll play in offline mode and the game will use ghost data gameplay recording instead. After connecting with another player, the game will ask you to rate the person. In the game, players with good rankings will unlock superb features. 

Devil May Cry 5 Update

DMC 5 is the first main installment in the series since the release of 2008. A Cameo system and three protagonists aren’t only the new updates. The game comes to the Franchise, as DMC 5 introduces improved combat mechanics and weapon systems as well. This title retains a number of elements from the previous games though, Devil May Cry 5 sustains the action,combo-heavy fights, and the main sense of the series.

Devil May Cry 4 is scheduled to release on 8 March 2019, forPlayStation 4, Xbox, and PC. If you pre-order the game, then DMC 5 provides you with a few different editions with special bonuses. 

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