Countdown to Wattam – Release Date

Saiba Khan

Cute Creatures await you

You would be happy to know that finally, Wattam is coming to your PC and PS4 on 17 December 2019. It will be released by the creator of Katamari, and come with a beautiful story about the joys of discovery and friendship. It takes place in an exquisite world where the game features more than 100 wacky and carefree cute characters, who awaits to be unlocked and become your friends, from seashells to sushi.

Play with Friends on the Same Screen

The game will feature a mayor who guides you throughout the whimsical world, as you chase, stack, dance, explode, and float your hands through all the fun. Both modes, Single-player and Multiplayer will be there for more fun and lets you either play solo or with buddies in co-op on the same screen. While playing the game, you can pop in and out of multiplayer mode, so it’s on you.

The epic adventure will introduce four different seasons like the real world, such as Winter, Autumn, Summer, and Spring – it means there are tons of fun-filled things to do and discover, whether you’re playing with pals or trying to make buddies in the beautiful environment. Wattam is set to release on 17 December 2019.

Countdown to Wattam

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