Conan Unconquered is confirmed to introduce a blend of Survival and RTS

Saiba Khan

Create Your Powerful Stronghold

Conan Unconquered, confirmed in December 2018, pits powerful warriors against waves of enemies, smashing walls, turning all defenders into grisly, and more. It seems the game uses strategy genre and taking place in the barbaric world of Canon the Barbarian. The game sees you creating your powerful stronghold and recruit a mighty army in order to survive the savage waves of Hyboria.

Face off Wave after Wave of Enemies

The game is going to challenge the survival skills of you. So, get ready to test your skills by surviving as long as possible. The first thing you will have to do is recruit your army, then face waves after waves of increasingly difficult enemies that will rush at your kingdom’s gates and you’ll have to manage vital resources, struggle to research new technologies to proceed through the game and upgrade your army  and further content to become the best survival.

Join the ever-growing Army

The game will let you choose to play the game alone in Single-player mode, or join the friends in Co-op Multiplayer mode, for the completely unique gaming experience. While playing, you have an opportunity to share your base with friends, but together they can freely build new constructions and amass an army to reach the target.

Issue Commands and Start Building

Like They Are Billions video game, the enemy waves will keep attacking you and how much time you can resist the invasion completely depends on your skills and ability to create your stronghold and commanding skills to control a team. The gameplay is set in real-time, but you can pause at any moment to release orders and begin building new structures. However, battles will be bloody and savage with you having to deal with anything from fires ranging through strongholds to piles of corpses spreading disease and death.

Enemies are in front of your gates

Like other RTS video games, waves of enemies are planning to attack your base to take over your world. The notable thing is that the new enemy waves are more powerful than the previous one. So, every time you play must plan your strategy, upgrade your army using the points, unlock new, powerful equipment and then release commands to your team and attack upcoming waves of enemies to survive.

Expected Key Features

  • Two-player Co-op Multiplayer
  • Create an Unconquerable Stronghold
  • Assemble an Army
  • Survive Disease, Fire, and Kill
  • Explore the Fascinating World

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