Chivalry 2: Free Open Beta Starts Next Week

Saiba Khan

One of the best Medieval combat games, Chivalry 2 is launching a free open beta on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox in the upcoming week that includes gameplay in various game modes such as deathmatch, free-for-all mode, and team objective mode, etc. There is a piece of bad news for you if you have an Xbox because you need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play the Chivalry 2: Free Open Beta game.

PvP Mode is only for PC

It features a cross-play between players on all three platforms but a player-vs-player battle mode will only be available to PC gamers. You can invite your bitter rival to defeat them in the battle or randomly engage in a battle with another player. A player can make a battle party by inviting other players based on their platform to stab and slash their enemies into pieces.

In detail Customization

The customization options in Chivalry 2 are beyond thinking as the player will get an exclusive chance to take a look at their armor, clothes, and weapons before customizing everything just like how they want. You can change the facial expressions of your hero and how they sound in the battleground to take the medieval combat experience to a whole new level. There are a lot of scars and defects that you can use to change the looks of your character and get a fierce look on their face. 

Open Beta will last for 6 Days

It is a golden chance for gamers to give Chivalry 2 a try without paying a single penny to test all its features and give the developer a review so they can make things better before the final release of the full game. The free open beta will be available for six days starting on May 21 and ending on June 1, 2021. Furthermore, visit Epic Games Store to pre-order the game.

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