Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies Guide — Best Tips to take down the Horde

Saiba Khan

An All-New Zombies Experience Awaits

The dead are coming to life again in COD Vanguard Zombies, and it is your duty to defeat them this time. Gather your team in the Fountain Square base of operations near the now destroyed city of Stalingrad, and set on missions all across the map. There is good news that Professor Krafft is with us in this battle of living vs. the dead, and he has the secret ingredient to defeat them. But if you want to make it out of there alive, here are 10 tips for you.

1. Explore the Base

The base of operations features a crafting table, cache of ammo, mystery boxes, and the Altar of Covenants. You should explore the base first and get familiar with all the available resources before setting on your journey. Don’t worry if you can’t buy any items because you will have enough money to buy anything in the future.

2. Know the Objectives

For now, the game offers three different portals, and each portal will take you to new objectives. Harvesting, transmitting, and blitz are the initial objectives of COD Vanguard zombies. Upon accomplishing each objective, you will receive rewards, including items and cash.

3. Make good use of Aether Abilities in Battle

Your Aether ability demands your loadout, so choose the artifact wisely to get the desired ability. There are four different Aether abilities available in the game, including Energy Mine, Aether Shroud, Ring of Fire, and Frost Blast. Each Aether ability will give you an upper hand over your enemy in the battle.

4. Try to complete Southwest Objective First

In COD Vanguard Zombies, a new section of the map will unlock whenever you complete an objective. Players should head to the southwest-facing portal first to unlock the Fiendish Fortitude Perk Fountain area. Unlocking it will give you some extra health which comes in handy if you are fighting with a group of undead.

5. Open Chests

When you go on zombie killing missions on the Stalingrad map, chests and red crystals will randomly appear from time to time. Shoot the crystal and loot the chest to get your hands on free weapons, items, salvage, and equipment. Your chances of getting rare items will increase as you open more chests and shoot more crystals.

6. Stay for as long as you can

The number of zombies will increase when you stay on the map, even after the objective is completed. To earn some extra essence, you should kill those aggressive zombies while keeping an eye on your health to get out of there if your health drops to very low.

7. Spend your first salvage on armor

It would be best if you spent salvage wisely as you may need it in the later stages of the game, and you don’t have it at that time because you spent it like crazy. Upgrade your armor with the first salvage that you earn to reduce damage taken from zombies.

8. Go for headshots

If you manage to aim at the head of a zombie and press the trigger at the right time, you will see a once-in-a-lifetime sight. Headshots can instantly kill zombies, but it is tough to land headshots, given the movement of the zombies. You should go for body shots if you are facing a large number of zombies.

9. Use Splatterfest

 Splatterfest makes zombies explode, which will damage all the nearby zombies meaning that you can kill them with fewer bullets. This comes in handy when you are clearing hordes of undead and get into a problematic situation while doing so.

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