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“Buying GF” once again – RuneScape returns!


Runescape 2.0

Do You remember Your first business for real money? I bet it was grinding gold in RuneScape and selling it to noobs. Yes yes, I know it was fun. But times are changing. And we need to adapt.
Freshly started RuneScape 2.0 or a.k.a Old School RuneScape hit 1kk (million) downloads on mobiles. Yes, it has reached tops in few countries.

So grab Your phones and start Questing!

It will be a little different from RuneScape 1.0, because of small updates but You’ll feel the same excitement.
Graphics and gameplay will fulfill You as much as it had 10 years ago. It will involve You at the moment You’ll touch an app. Just don’t crush Your mobile device during PvPs. Yes it may happen..

And as always, here is a video I think You’ll enjoy!

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