Beta Version of Overwatch’s Cross-play is live for PC and Console Players

Saiba Khan

PC Players aren’t in

Recently, Overwatch releases the beta version of cross-play. Instead of being limited to players of the same devices, players across PS (PlayStation), Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC devices can team up together. Despite introducing cross-play, only PC players are limited to their device and won’t team up with console players, because of having deadly shooter skills with the help of mouse and keyboard, though players of consoles can play together.

How to set up Cross-play?

To experience the cross-platform gameplay, you have to link your console to your account and start playing with friends of PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox. You don’t need to enable the feature, as it is turned on by default for all players. Once you set up your account, start connecting yourself with friends available in your list, regardless of platform restrictions that now has been removed.

Cross-progression System

Furthermore, you might know that the cross-play has been a long-awaited feature for Overwatch. You would be amazed to know that modern multiplayer games lack the feature. Apart from that, most popular games like Apex Legends, Call of Duty Warzone, etc. have already implemented the feature.

Presumably, the update only enables the cross-play between multiple platforms, but the cross-progression system is under criticism because of not having fully matured. That’s why, players won’t be able to use their painstakingly unlocked emotes, skins, etc.

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