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Freeze-drying, also known as lyophilization, is a process where food is quickly frozen, ice is turned into water vapor and removed by placing food in vacuum. That results in a dehydrated product which has less than 2% water in it. Freeze drying requires special tools that are both expensive and difficult to operate, which means people buy lyophilized products from shops.

The major advantage of freeze-dried food lies in the ability to produce clean and nutritious food ingredients with a long shelf life, making food products versatile, accessible and convenient for hectic nowadays life.

Advantages of freeze-dried food


Freeze drying process does not remove anything from food except water, the food is barelly processed afterwards meaning lyophilized products are free from articial and synthetical materials. Also, by removing only water, which does not have any nutritional value, freeze-fried vegetables and fruits have the same nutrinion as they had at the moment they were frozen.

Freeze-fried Lyophilized food berries healthy food for gamers and gaming time


Scientifical studies show that dehydration of freeze-fried food increases the fiber content in fruits and vegetables. Dietary fiber is essential to maintaining digestive system healthy which becomes a challenge in nowadays style of living which consists of many hours spend without any kind of movement – whether that would be working at the office or gaming. Getting enough of the fiber content in diet can prevent constipation and even colorectal cancer.


Most of fruits and vegetables contain up to 90% water. In result after freeze-drying they can weigh up to 80% less than before. It is a huge benefit for those who need to carry their food as well as helping factor when storing it.

Pro Tip
Worth keeping in mind that lower weight of lyophilized food can be missleading – even though package of freeze-dried berries can weigh only 30g, the nutritional value will be around the same as up to 5 times more weighing fresh product.

Freeze-fried Lyophilized food berries healthy food for gamers and gaming time


Dehydration process of the food concentrates calorie and sugar content which takes up less space. You need to eat much less when freeze-fried products when compared to fresh food to get the same level of satiety. That both helps to save time as well as not to fill the stomach to the fullest.


Many of us like to have a snack while gaming or watching movies whether that be a chocolate bar or a bag of crisps. But most of them are high in calories, contains sugar. Meanwhile, freeze-fried food is relatively low in calory and contains only natural sugars. One of the common misconceptions is that freeze-dried fruit has more sugar than fresh fruit but the actual difference is in the difference is the concentration of sugars, not the amount of sugar.

Freeze-fried Lyophilized food berries healthy food for gamers and gaming time

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