Best Gaming Motherboards in 2019 – A Complete Guide

Saiba Khan

The best motherboards typically don’t receive enough love from gamers that the best processors and graphics cards do when you’re thinking to purchase the best gaming PC. That’s not right, however, the motherboard is the most vital part in the entire PC. It serves as the backbone of your PC, assisting your PC to reach its full potential by pushing the features to its limits – using and optimizing each inch of performance. In simple words, you can enjoy the better gaming experience with a good motherboard.

Because it’s so vital to your PC build, so you should only select the best motherboard you can get your hands on. If you prefer to cheap parts, then lots of chances that your PC could die and force you to reconstruct your PC from scratch – and that’s not a good deal, trust me. To avoid all hustle, you need to select the best motherboard today, so you won’t have to replace it soon. You just need to follow some instruction before purchasing a PC.

Nowadays, there are plenty of motherboards available each has its unique specification, performance, size, etc. making the marketplace more confusing day by day. That’s the main reason we went ahead and established a list of the best motherboards for you. So, gamers let us help you find the best Motherboards.

Intel Z390 Aorus Pro WiFi

Factor: ATX

Socket: LGA-1151

Chipset: Intel Z390

Memory Support: 4 DIMM Sockets

Multi-GPU Support: Nvidia 2

When this CPUs hit release in the market, Intel promised that they would be one of the best processors for gaming. Right now, the Z390 Aorus Gaming Pro Wifi is the best Intel Motherboards on the market. It’s fully packed with gaming-centric features like enough RGB lighting to attract you and reinforced PCIe slots. However, it’s also hard to discover a better motherboard, especially at a reasonable price. 


  • Solid Aesthetics
  • Great Cooling
  • Reasonable Price
  • Fully Featured


  • Use More M.2 Slots

Intel- Asus ROG Maximus XI Code Z390 Gaming

When creating a new PC, we know, you just want to throw your hands up saying just give me the best with each and everything you required. In that times, we recommend you to try Asus ROG Maximus XI Code Z390 Gaming, fully equipped with every feature that the new Coffee Lake Refresh processor of Intel support and then there’s some RGB lighting that will definitely work at its full potential to takes the performance of the motherboards beyond its limits.


  • Packed with Features
  • Already Installed I/O Shield


  • Really Expansive

AMD– Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming 7 WiFi

One of the best motherboards ranked in the third position in this list, coming with AM4 socket and AMD X470 chipset, as well as dual-channel 4x. The rocking new chipset enables full support of the new AMD Ryzen 2nd Generation processors. However, this is the best motherboard if you’re searching for the best Gaming PC. What’s more inside it? This motherboard supports Quad-GPU SLI and extremely fast RAM of DDR4 for peerless expandability thanks to its multi-zone RPG lighting. Overall, it looks great.  


  • Fully-packed with Features
  • RPG Lighting
  • Great Expandability


  • Expansive

Intel Mini-ITX– Asus ROG Strix Z390-I Gaming

Looking for the best, tiny and bright motherboard, then definitely this motherboard is made for you. It’s not wrong to say, small pack but a big blast. With this cool motherboard, you don’t need to compromise on features you require or power, you don’t even require to settle for a measly 32 GB of Ram thanks to its double capacity memory feature. Now, you can have up to 64 GB of Ram in the smallest motherboard you don’t ever see before. But, sadly, like most Z390 motherboards, it a bit expansive. So gamers, are you ready for that.


  • RGB Lighting
  • Double Memory Capacity
  • Small in Size


  • Expansive

AMD– MSI X470 Gaming Plus

For a long time, AMD has been the champion of budget PC builds, and in the year 2019, it doesn’t; seem to be changing. Nowadays, the market is full of gamers, looking for the best, cheap, and performance wise better PC. the MSI X470 Gaming Plus – a better choice for gamers because it is fully loaded from front to back with features like two PCIe M.2 slots and unbelievable performance tweaking buttons to ensure you’re on the top of the global leaderboards at all times.  Since it’s a gamer favorite motherboard, it appears with all types of flashy RGB lighting that you can even modify it from your phones.


  • Responsive Price
  • Great Expansion


  • Need a Large Case

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