Best External SSDs for Gaming PC

Saiba Khan

SSDs or hard drives are a must-have for any device, especially when you need to store large apps. Gaming PCs run for a very long time while storing a big chunk of game storage on their hard drive. To avoid heating your computer with maximum storage you need an excellent SSD or hard drive.

There are many SSDs available with high storage capacity and maximum performance, but your choice depends on your PC. Your PS5, console, or even mobile phone require different SSDs even though they some the same purpose. What makes the SSD good is its performance, security, and storage. The article is about the best external SSDs available for a gaming PC.

Samsung X5

A portable SSD with 1TB storage gives you excellent performance. It has Thunderbolt 3 to provide you with a 2800MB/s sequential read. It is affordable and makes its mark due to its speed and portability.

Samsung T5

Another Samsung SSD to make your gaming experience better and more fun. With a storage capacity of 2TB and 484 MB/s sequential reads, it lets you store big-sized games on your PC to play without any problem. The external SSD easily fits in your pocket because of its portable design. IT is much faster than other drives to make your gaming easy.

Vava Portable

A 2TB SSD comes with 540 MB/s of sequential read, the drive is one of the best performers. The slick design makes it easy to carry around, and the speed increases with your fingers when playing the game.


An SSD card comes with a storage of 1TB, USB connectivity, and three years warranty. It is an affordable SSD with a good interface and fast speed. It can survive long gaming sessions, and its waterproof ability makes it best for external use.

WD Black P50

Another 3.2 type USB connective SSD features 1TB storage, making it a good gaming drive and has a sequential read of 2GB/s. With sustained performance and user interface, this SSD game drive will survive a strenuous gaming session.

SanDisk External SSD

A portable and tough device with 1TB storage, with high-speed transfers and high capacity, is best. The shock-resistant ability makes it unique among others. Gamers can use it for high-class PCs when they need a quick fix and can’t leave the house.

Crucial X8

Grabbing a gaming drive with a 2TB storage capacity and 1050 MB/s sequential read is a dream of everyone. The drive has high performance with high durability as well. It is an economical choice for small gaming PCs.

Seagate Barracuda

An SSD drive of 1TB storage comes with a slim chassis and a good software program. It is one of the best but not the best as it has a mediocre performance. It is the best for PC games that don’t need strenuous activities.


These are the best external SSDs for gaming PCs and easily connectable for any PC available. With a high transfer rate, they can be used for long gaming sessions. The high performance and significant storage of these drives will give you a better gaming experience.

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