Best Discounted PlayStation 4 Games under $3.99

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Deals Under $4 Flash Sale at PS Store

As you probably know about the ongoing PlayStation sale where you can get a large number of popular games at a much lower price. There are a lot of games available at discounted prices for the next-gen console. You may not find some of the highest-selling games on this list but still, you can get information about some good games at the given price point.

The offer will last for a few days and end on 26th May 2021. Considered it as a last chance for you to get a game at cheapest price because, after the deadline, all games will return to their original price.

Best PlayStation Games on Sale

So we have compiled a list of Top 10 best games currenty on sale. Follow the given link of your favorite game and add some titles to your gaming collection.

1: Just Cause 3

Your world is being controlled by a cruel dictator and everyone is looking at as their savior to defeat General Di Ravello to bring peace to the Republic of Medici. No matter what it takes, your task is to destroy the General’s army and it depends on you that what means you choose to do so. There are a lot of weapons, gadgets, and vehicles to enable you to complete missions.

2: Serial Cleaner

You are a cleaner for the mafia and you have the responsibility to clean a crime scene before the police arrive to save your allies from getting caught. In some situations, you may have to sneak past detectives to remove evidence and complete the task a short notice. The cleaning business is booming right now and if you work hard you can earn a good amount in some days.

3: The Technomancer

The Technomancer takes you on a dream journey to Planet Mars where you will take the role of a fearless warrior to defeat your enemies and clear Mars from all the bad forces. As you defeat your enemy, you will move one step closer to becoming the best Technomancer of all times. If you have enough courage to harness the electrical power of cybernetic implants, you may speed up the process.

4: Oxenfree

Oxenfree is a thriller that sets you in a ghostly rift with a couple of friends and things start getting out of hands as you move deeper into the wilds. Who would have thought that going to an overnight party on an abounded military island will turn out to be a horror adventure? It will put your survival skills to a test based on how you deal with this situation.

5: Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell

After the ending of the Saints Row IV game, most players were asking for something new for a long period and this game is the developer’s answer to all their questions. You can go on this challenge by choosing your favorite character from the given choices to complete all the quests. The outside world is full of enemies, friends, guns, and other stuff anxiously waiting for you to start a new life.

6: The Swapper

The Swapper is an award winner puzzle game where you can create your clowns after getting your hands on some experimental devices. This game is set in some outer space planet and you will experience a lot of different worlds. You can swap your consciousness to enter your new body to stay alive in the harsh environmental conditions of that planet.

7: Life is Strange Complete Season

Life is Strange lets you take the role of a girl who wants to save the life of her girlfriend by using her special skill to rewind time. After some time, both of them set on a mission to find their missing class fellow. This skill may lead to both good and bad consequences.

8: Thief

Thief is a first-person stealth action game where the players get to steal from the rich and their skills are their only true friends in this journey. The city is filled with fear and oppression of Baron’s Watch but your actions are rebellious. No one is safe from you and no matter where they put their possessions, you will find them in the end.

9: Life is Strange: Before the Storm Complete Season

Life is Strange shows the life of a 16-year-old girl and her beautiful girlfriend but their life comes to a complete halt when she gets to know a family secret. After telling her friend the secret, they both come to the conclusion that needs to stay together and create a new strategy to defeat the demons of hell.

10: The Deadly Tower of Monsters

When there is a tower full of deadly monsters and your rocket crashes near it when you are on your way to your dream space destination. You have to fight with monsters, giant ants, and other enemies to finally make it up to the tower full of monsters to finish your task. There are a lot of different weapons to assist you in the fight.

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