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Battlefield 5 Review

Saiba Khan

Battlefield 5 starts with an elaborate prologue, in which you act as an array of doomed soldiers dying in increasingly horrible ways. I suppose, its intended to evoke the futility and horror of war. But it looks like a place in-game where you can equip a Union Jack has a mask in order to jump out of the plane in the midst of the air to land on your feet and then hit Nazi forces over the head with a cricket bat, it sounds good.

The developer of the game Dice can’t seem to confirm if battle is heel, or just cool as hell, which makes some aggressive tonal dissonance, the chaotic battlefield is an accurate approximation of the grueling war, which creates an agonized screams of the soldier of I want to go home, as he bleeds out feels like a tasteless feeling. The series of video games are famous for its massive destruction, but you as a soldier can create things too. On certain parts of the map, you can whip out your hammer to attack enemies, and you will discover the shimmering outline of barbed wire, sandbags, and creatable fortifications. Any class can create them, and you do not have to harvest resources for yourself or anything like that. The process is a little bit slow and takes you in an open environment to attack while you wait for a meter which slowly ticks up.

In the firefight, with flying planes screaming overhead, sniper scopes glinting in the distance, and the tanks trundling by, Battlefield 5 can be exciting. Only detailed maps included to the Turmoil, specifically the post-apocalyptic devastation, which takes place among the shattered ruins of blasted Rotterdam. Up to sixty-four players can compete against each other in few multiplayer modes. The return of World War 2 brings back fond memories of the Battlefield games’ first wave.

Battlefield 5 has changed a lot. The developer DICE is already confirmed the community complaints, including bombers being overpowered, planning new modes (Battle Royale Genre), Firestorm, and more. There is also a new element known as a Single-player mission mainly focused on Tank war, the Last Tiger, etc. on the way in December.

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