Asus and Nvidia reveal the first 360Hz G-Sync Monitor ahead of CES

The World’s First 360Hz G-Sync Monitor

Together Asus and Nvidia have confirmed to introduce the first 360Hz G-Sync monitor this year. Undoubtedly, a display with a high refresh rate is specially designed for competitive gaming in mind, and you will require a modern GPU to take advantage.

Gaming monitor with 360Hz seems a bit like a killer, but if we go a decade back when people considered anything higher than 60FPS was pointless. Although you might not make use of this monitor in Single-player games, it could give you a leg up when approaches to MOBA or competitive FPS games.

Nvidia claims the higher Frame Rates

Nvidia confirmed that with the upcoming monitor the frame rates will be shown every 2.8ms, which makes the display more crystal clear and responsive to human reflexes. After the release of the monitor, esports won’t need to worry about the screen tearing thanks to G-Sync technology. The monitor will be released with 24.5” and 1080p, but with a standard resolution, you will only get more than you expectations on less demanding gaming titles, like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, along with a high Graphics Card.

Release Date and Price

The 360HZ panel will run at 1080p resolution, which will help with higher frame rates, and the introduction of the G-Sync processor will take the gaming experience of esports’ players to the next level. Both Asus and Nvidia have worked on the said monitor to unlock higher frame rates. Recently, Nvidia claims that the higher frame rates will improve the target tracking with smoother animations in video games by decreasing the tearing, and of course, letting the player see enemies within no time.  

The Asus ROG Swift 360Hz won’t be released until later this year, and Asus hasn’t set any date to release or exact price yet.

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