ASRock Phantom gaming SLI review


And one motherboard to rule them all..

These days market is full of various PC components to choose from. As promised in the previous Phantom Gaming review I have prepared something for you. Few weeks ago I got my hands on ASRock Phantom Gaming SLI. After excitement was over and logic came back, I’ve started to test it. And oh boy, oh boy, oh boy – I loved it.

This particular LGA 1151 motherboard has Z390 chipset in it. So, that means You can put i3, i5, i7 of 9th or 8th generation intel CPUs. In my case, I’m using i5-9600k.


User interface in BIOS is really great and easy to use. Even for a noob like me, I could easily choose between various parameters.

Easy BIOS mode

Everything is simple and clear. Want to choose different XMP mode? Just 1 click and that’s it. All information about system status shown in the right way, BOOT options can be switched by drag and drop.

Advanced BIOS mode

Advanced BIOS mode interface gives You access to all available tools for overclocking and customisation. We will give You more info about this mode in our next article about overclocking. So stay curious.

Bullet points

Features, that will make every gamer say: “Just take my money!”

– Phantom Gaming 2.5G LAN – LAG? Never heard of it..
– XXL Aluminum Alloy Heatsink – Stay cool and silent. You need to hear Your enemy not Your CASE!
ASRock Super Alloy
– Premium 45A Power Choke – You components won’t get hungry.
– Nichicon 12K Black Caps (100% Japan made high quality conductive polymer capacitors)
– I/O Armor
– Sapphire Black PCB – Builder’s dream..
– High Density Glass Fabric PCB – Can it hold SLI/Crossfire – yes, weight is not a problem!


ASRock did great job in development of MB software. It comes with ASRock Polychrome Sync and Phantom Gaming Tuning apps.

ASRock Polychrome Sync – SO MUCH RGB!

RGB is on the wave, and it’s touch will give more life to the build. With this software You can easily make a colourful design PC.

ASRock Polychrome Sync interface

Just choose RGB output, add a colour and select style. Free Your imagination. Also, if You are Razer fan – it has Chroma connect. Sync everything in one big masterpiece!

Chroma connect interface

Phantom Gaming Tuning

If You are experienced gamer, but not so experienced overclocker – worry no more! ASRock will help You to make a best of it!

Phantom Gaming Tuning has many useful options to choose from. With an ease.

Phantom Gaming Tuning Operation modes

It takes only one click to choose an operate mode:

Perfomance mode – it will OC your system with previous selected clock rate;
Standard mode – it does what it says;
Power saving – makes your PC to think “green’ier” (an award for terrible joke goes to G-Litch gaming!)

Performance mode

Phantom Gaming Tuning Performance mode

Performance mode – just select preset and congrats – You are badass Overclocker now! But we warn You – there will be a lot of noise from Your coolers and temperatures will get as high as ~80°C (Normal stats for CPU and MB would be around 33°C). Also we are using liquid cooling. You should use it too.

OC Tweaker mode

Phantom Gaming Tuning OC Tweaker mode

For some more experienced user we recommend to use OC Tweaker mode. It’s a very comfortable mode, and best thing – You won’t need to be in BIOS for it. Just slide to side and choose OC levels, rates, voltages. Simple and smart. But once again, for gamers – OC makes noise and gives performance in synthetic benchmarks. In everyday gaming – You won’t notice any reasonable effectiveness. But definitely it will be fun to play with this options.

System info

Phantom Gaming Tuning System info mode

System info mode is a very useful tool track Your PC stats. It monitors every detail and shows it in practical interface. I would love that ASRock would make it as a gadget that works in games.

What a FAN-Tastic approach!

Phantom Gaming Tuning FAN-Tastic mode

You think you know how FANS should work better than motherboard’s chip? This mode is just for you! Just drag and drop, change the graph of fan speed in Your own way. ASRock allows to control everything.


As You can clearly see from this website – I’m an enthusiastic gamer. And this ASRock Phantom gaming SLI motherboard is simple more than enough for every gamer around. It has performance, it has options, it has RGB and best of all – it has a great price! You can buy it in Europe from around 150€.
Sure, there are some other MBs that are more expensive, has shiny panels, all around RGBs and other alien technology for HEAVY OC. But as a gamer, to pay more for inadequate options – strange decision. This motherboard gives You all performance You need to any game at max! Invest more to GPU, CPU and RAM.

All information about this motherboard available here: ASRock

P.S. Our build with this MB:

HyperX Fury 3200MHz 2x8GB
RTX 2070 Windforce
WD Black SSD

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