Apex Legends Review – Free to play Battle Royale Like Fortnite

Saiba Khan

I’d been asked two weeks ago what games I thought to play in February, I’d have said FIFA 19, Far Cry New Dawn, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Anthem. Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment had some other plans for me because I haven’t picked up any title since downloading this game.

Over One Million Players in 8 Hours

Surprisingly, no one had heard about this game until influencers begun dropping hints on social platforms two days before its release. Amazingly, the game proved its worth after pulling in more than one million gamers in only eight hours (awesome). Players are looking for Apex Legends like a shopper who is hungry for black Friday sales. However, the surprise release of the game is in itself a strange thing, you may be rarely seen in your life. 

Set in TitanFall’s Universe

Apex Legends is a Battle Royale video game by Respawn Entertainment, the developer of Titanfall. Taking place in the Titanfall’s Universe, the game lets you create your character from available and jump into the battle to show off your skills. Each character has its unique skills, personality, and play style.

The game excels by blending good ideas that have applied in shooters before. However, the rule-set of Battle Royale is almost same as in similar titles, with few modifications, including teams, skydive onto a massive island with no items and scavenge to collect weapons and items which can be used against enemies. While there are no Titans or building elements, the gameplay offers a challenging game to experience the next level of Battle Royale mode.

Ping System

One of the best features of Apex Legends is its “Ping System”, which enables you to hit a button to make a marker on your screens of teammates. However, the ping system serves as a super smart – aim it at a weapon or a helmet to the location of the object to everyone else. While playing, you can also ping in your menu to call for specific things you require, mark areas you want to visit, or recognize spots other players have recently passed through. You can also use this system to mark enemy locations.

Revival System

Revival system will help the player to get engaged with his team. During the gameplay, if the teammate mistakenly falls in the fight and is eliminated, you have a chance to recover the banner, an item that drops with loot, and also can use it to respawn them into the game. The system comes with the intense element, brutal strategy to Apex that needs you to risk everything to rescue your team. While playing, you can only call back eliminated teammates at the specific time, using the Respawn Beacons on the map, but you’re exposed while doing so.

Loot Boxes Like Fortnite and Overwatch

As a F2P (Free-to-play) video game, Apex Legends introduces both in-game items and loot boxes that can be bought using the real money. Players can earn these loot boxes by playing and completing the challenges. In-game, everything on offer serves as cosmetic like in Overwatch or Fortnite. Characters in the game are deeply defined and it’s easy to imagine Respawn dropping new units into the blend at a later date. During the gameplay, you can purchase both units such as Mirage and Caustic.

Character Classes

There are several character classes, including soldiers, misanthropes, misfits, etc. and each has its unique set of skills. You start the game by choosing your favorite character like other Battle Royale titles. However, Apex Legends welcome all newcomers and assign them tasks to survive as long as possible to be the last to win. In the game, you can select your legend and join forces with the other two players, mixing your unique skills to establish an ultimate squad.

Strategic Battle Royale

In this game, if you’re serious about your survival, then you should think as fast as you can. Furthermore, you also need to master your abilities, make strategic calls, and struggle to use the strength of the team at full potential to your advantage in brutal 60-player matches.


The plot takes place in the Titanfall’s Universe and the story revolves around a brutal conflict between two factions such as the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation and the Militia. Once the region of Space called the Frontier is famous for peace. But liberation can appear at a cost when the Militia and IMC departed, they conquered almost everything and left the worlds in disarray. With no other option, the people of the worlds had no other choice but to leave their homeland. The brave then relocated to the outlands. But life is really cheap in outlands and danger lurks are roaming around every corner. After that, all legends settle their difference in the Apex Games, vicious sports where legends from across the Frontier will compete for glory, fortune, and fame.

Personal Comment

Respawn Entertainment introduces a satisfying Battle Royale. It’s really addictive and one of few games who released really soon than expectation and successfully attracted more than one million players in just eight hours. A smart blend of shooter ideas that makes for competitive and team-based gameplay. Respawn Entertainment’s intense focus on team play that makes it more than worthy addition to the genre. Apex Legends is released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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