Apex Legends kicked out over 355,000 players of PC – What’s the Reason?

Saiba Khan

Cheaters get ready for their elimination

Recently, Apex Legends has eliminated more than 3 Lac players due to being involved in cheating. Because the developer Respawn Entertainment has no enough time for cheaters. So, the developer announced in a post on Reddit that as of March 08, it had removed over 355,000 players from across the globe on PC alone.

Easy-Anti-Cheat Tools

The developer uses the tools to take this action, known as Easy-Anti-Cheat for the PC version of the Battle Royale video game. Tools are enough powerful and in working position, but the Respawn Entertainment acknowledged that battle against cheaters in an ongoing conflict.

Apex Legends released a war against Cheaters

Respawn said that it’ll need to start to adapt and be vigilant about battling against cheaters. We are taking players who’re involved in cheating seriously and also care about the health of Apex Legends for all players.”

Additionally, Respawn confirmed that it’s working on a new anti-cheat tool, they didn’t openly describe the plan.

EA Anti-Cheat Experts

Moreover, at a high level, the developer said that it has started to communicate with anti-cheat experts within Electronic Arts and also outside of it. Not only that, but the developer has also started to measure its own internal anti-cheat team, while the studio is planning to define a new reporting functionality for players’ bad behavior.

According to Reddit Post

In Reddit Post, Respawn Entertainment confirmed that it’s aware of players cheating during the selection of characters and then disconnecting. The developer said that they are keeping lots of strategies to cleat the chest so offenders don’t have enough time to create workarounds before they implement changes.

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