Apex Legends is celebrating a massive player milestone

“50 Million Players” it’s not a joke

Surprisingly, Apex Legends video game had a really fast start, successfully gaining up to twenty-five million players within just a week. However, the battle royale game has amazingly achieved another player milestone, with its developer team confirming that they hit 50 million player milestone (awesome). In a released video, Respawn Entertainment has shared other stats regarding the video game lifetime so far.

Success due to Ping Feature

Apex Legends had got up to fifty million players milestone within a month, have used over 158 million finishers, used 170 million respawns, and up to 1.3 million activated ultimate. The massive number appears from its fantastic ping feature, as the video reveals that players have placed over 31 billion pings.

Newly Released Video

Furthermore, when this video game shared its 25 million milestones with their followers, it also confirmed that it had successfully achieved a peak concurrent user milestones of up to two million active users. However, this video doesn’t confirm any detail about the new peak concurrent number, so that one mayn’t have been topped yet.

Ping Your Favorite Location

Moreover, the ping system in one of the most notable features that instantly set Apex Legends apart, but it’s heavily inspired imitators. The current boss of Battle Royale genre, Fornite, has recently updated its own ping system. The ping feature lets players for easy non-verbal communication to flag locations of interest for their teammates.

The Battle Royale video game, Apex Legends is trying to roll out its own battle pass. However, its contents are still behind the curtains. 

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