Apex Legends has surpassed a milestone of 100 Million Players

Saiba Khan

The release of Apex Legends back in 2019 had left everyone in surprise because the game released within a short time notice. Now, it has achieved a milestone of over 100 million unique players worldwide, confirmed by Respawn and Electronic Art on Wednesday. The big milestone has been achieved within two years after its officially released in February 2019.

The success of Apex Legends has proved that the craze of Free-to-play Battle Royale games is still alive. Besides, Call of Duty Warzone has reported achieving a milestone of 75 million players last August. Additionally, Fortnite has confirmed to achieve 350 Million registered players last May. Since the release of Apex Legends on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox, developers are continuously adding new content and updates to the game. Now, the game has sixteen playable characters; each with different abilities and personality, and three maps to explore. The game is in its eighth season.

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