Anno 1800 Review – Design Your City

Saiba Khan

Do You Know How to Build a Village?

Create a huge city is my dream when I was a child. I thought that I’ll purchase an empty land to establish a city where I would be a king and also responsible for maintaining each and everything. However, this dream comes true upon playing Anno 1800 thanks to its developer. The beautiful mixture of Real-time Strategy and City Building genres will definitely engage you for several hours and let you polish your building skils, as well as strategy. However, the game is released by Ubisoft on 16 April 2019 in NA and you can purchase this game via Epic Games, instead of Steam.

In Anno Series, the 7th Marvelous Entry

The seventh marvelous entry in the long-running series of Anno, it uses the historical setting similar to the last two games such as Anno 2070 and Anno 2205, set during the Industrial Revolution in the nineteenth century. The traditional city building and ocean combat mechanics also made their return to the game, but you will also discover lots of new gameplay’s aspects, including blueprinting, tourism, and special effects on island inhabitants. In simple words, the seventh title in the series goes back to its origins, however, the change in setting doesn’t make it better, but it is surely supporting and refreshing the fun-filled RTS game.

Mix of RTS and City Building

The satisfying and complicated routine in this game is built upon a collection of creation of different vital resources that you must require to maintain your inhabitants healthy and happy. It lets you experience the constantly evolving puzzle gameplay that plays out on three different levels such as Town Layouts, Trade Routes, and Production lines.

Moreover, every level needs more ingredients, educated staff, and further sophisticated facilities. In this title, the puzzle becomes tougher when you include in that may of the several pieces can’t be discovered or created on the starter island. There’s a choice as an expansion, but trading is a crucial mechanic for your survival. Is it not?

Build as many Dwelling as possible

In the start, I designed the layout of my beautiful village, then hired workers and provide them with all luxury of space that modern civil engineers and architects would be proud of. But, as I progressed through the game, I learned lots of new things about the game and space that you need to build as many dwelling as possible to attract as many employees as possible, exactly I would need to man all of the production lines I needed to advanced. You’ll not become a successful leader in the start. First, do hard work, keep your villagers always fed and happy, then expect to become something.

You Need to Worry New Gamers, the Game is really tough

For new gamers, this isn’t a simple game as its look, even in its basic difficulty setting, but learning from previous mistakes offers a fun part of the game. During the game, the error, mistakes, and trail will inform you about your layouts, and expansion timing in each walkthrough, which would propel you further in past moments.

However, in the game, the higher difficulty will test your understanding skills by offering you less cash to burn and some refunds for tearing downtowns you have built up. In the toughest level, you need to partake in hard matches of Anno 1800 with a speedy eye for what suits where and be thinking tons of resources and structures ahead before you struggle to put down your first home.

Only One Graphical Issue

The game looks stunning, while flora and fauna are highly detailed quality and different enough to not seem like the creator of this game just utilized a brush to paint on the epic islands. However, creating designs and textures are really cool, too, especially the dwelling for your workers. Therefore, the production structures don’t different in design, but the homes that you design in stretches aren’t served as back-to-back carbon copies.

I didn’t found only one noticeable graphics issue regarding the water. When you’re in a zoomed out mode, the water looks really beautiful, giving off accurate ripping reflections, and really calm to watch and relax. But when a ship crosses through it, the water crashes up on the shore and then the developers may use a trick to simulate a disturbance in the water that stands out in no great way.

20 Hours of Fun-filled Gameplay

Let’s talk about its campaign which starts with you jumping into the shoes of a sibling, who needs to return to the old world when heard that your beloved father is accused of treason. What actually revolves around the tale of secret societies, intrigue, vicious murders, and redemption that reveals roughly up to twenty hours of gameplay? However, it’s not a novel story, but it’s more than interesting to take Anno 1800 in the forward direction.

Take a Trip to 19th Century

In the start, the game welcomes you to the 19th century, revolving around the time of industrialization, discovery, and diplomacy. The game is full of technological innovations, modifying allegiances, and conspiracies. Seriously, you have a golden chance to prove your skills in front of parents that you can actually do in games, not in reality. A chance to become a ruler, a chance to create a massive metropolis, a chance to plan efficient logistic networks, and a chance to settle an exotic new continent, so what are you waiting for, many opportunities are still waiting for you.

Classic Anno Experience

Anno 1800 mixes favorite elements from the twenty years of Anno history and it provides players with rich city-building experience, including a story-focused campaign. However, a highly detailed customizable mode is also featured to let you polish your creativity.

Prominent Features

  • Select Your Strategy for Victory
  • New Age
  • The Anno Union
  • Explore the History
  • The Dawn of a New Era

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