Among Us Review – Be a Crewmate or an Impostor

Saiba Khan

Everyone would love to play as an impostor whose ultimate job is to kill his teammates without being detected and blaming others. Should it be an exciting job? Of course, yes, because the game grants you more power and abilities than a crewmate, and features a vent to provide you hideout where no one can detect you quickly, and it serves as a perfect way to escape. Since the day of release, the popularity of “Among Us” has been increasing day by day because of its exaggerated gameplay that involves 4 to 10 players repairing spaceship while detecting an impostor among them. The concept was unique and got appreciated by players. The game was heavily inspired by the real-life party game, known as Mafia (also famous as Werewolf).


It is a social deduction video game that comes with a multiplayer component, developed by InnerSloth. It takes place in a space-themed world where players can take on one of two different roles. The majority of players love to be crewmates, while a predetermined number of players love to be impostors. The space environment contains a lot of rooms which the player can navigate to fulfill his objectives.

Ultimate Objectives

If you’re playing as a crewmate, your primary goal focuses on identifying the impostors, expose them to eliminate and complete your tasks around the given map fully secured with cameras. On the other hand, the impostor’s goal is to sabotage and kill the crewmates before the time runs out or they complete their tasks. The Plurality Vote system’s introduction helps players find impostors and remove them from the game to keep themselves safe. The crewmates will be declared the winner, when all impostors get eliminated, and all tasks get completed.


As mentioned above, Among Us is a Multiplayer video game that supports 4 to 10 players. Following the said words, up to three players randomly opt for each game to assume the role of impostors, while the rest control crewmates. Up to three maps are available, such as:

  • Polus (A Planet Base)
  • Mira HQ (A Headquarters Building)
  • The Skeld (A Spaceship)

Playing as a crewmate requires you to complete objectives around the map in the form of mini-games, including the maintenance work of vital systems like fueling engines and electrical rewriting. The tasks of crewmates aren’t enough engaging as the impostors have like you have to ensure others you’re sincere with them and working following the instructions to escape.

Upon finding a dead body of any crewmates, players can arrange a meeting to discuss and find out who the murderer is after analyzing clues. Impostors can also join the meeting and can blame others. Getting trapped in such a scenario may create a lot of problems and may be ended upon your character’s death. Therefore, you should play smartly and always act as clueless. Sabotage your teammates and kill them when no one is watching you.


The introduction of a new concept is appreciable. Although it was released back in 2018, the game has been downloaded over 40m time back September, which destroyed all previous records, and took the game to the next step. Although killing your teammates isn’t a good job, being an impostor everything is acceptable for victory. The graphics are too good, and the developer did a great in introducing evolving gameplay. Rumors were floating across the web regarding the release of Among Us 2 but ended up with developers’ confirmation on their official post.

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