Among Us Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Tricks how to play and win as an Impostor

Saiba Khan

During the COVID-era, Among Us serves as one of the best Ultimate Party games released by Innersloth LLC. It offers action-packed gameplay and takes place in a stunning environment where you have two options either to play as crewmates or an impostor. It would help if you kept in mind that playing as an impostor isn’t as easy as it seems because you have to kill all crewmates silently living among them without being captured.

In September, over 40 Million times, the game has been downloaded by players, and it was a spike – initially, the game was released in 2018. The majority of players are in search of a way how to win the game as an impostor. We figured this would be a great time to release an article regarding tips and tricks on playing as an impostor and win.

Before starting, let us confirm the basics of the game. Like other Party games, it pits 5 to 10 players against each other either online or over Local Wi-Fi mode. There are two different roles, such as Impostor and Crewmates; keep in mind that impostor has more abilities than crewmates.

How to play as an Impostor?

Undoubtedly, everyone loves to play as an impostor in Among Us. The impostor is an antagonist of the game, who is tasked with silently killing every teammate in a match without being detected. You would win the game if only one crew member left alive since it’s quite tricky to be voted off the spaceship. However, there’s no way to claim victory other than killing all crewmates. Get ready to lie and kill all members you come across.

Here are some best tips for those players who play as Impostors.

Never Stand Out in Among Us

When playing as an impostor, avoid standing out and arouse your teammates’ suspicious. It means you don’t need to follow the victims around or sharing your opinion while doing nothing. It would help if you pretended like you’re a crewmate by merely completing assigned tasks; therefore, standing next to space engines and the computer would be a great idea.

Don’t Blame Anyone

Although blaming others is a vital part of Among Us, when you’re playing as an Impostor, avoid doing that, because it ends up with your lie, and maybe crewmates would throw you out the ship. Therefore, whenever someone calls a meeting, you must act clueless instead of blaming others. While playing, asking others where they are and what they are doing would increase your trust rate, among others.

Close the Door before killing anyone

As an impostor, your only job is to sabotage crewmates’ hard work and kill victims silently without being captured. Find an excellent opportunity to sabotage crewmates while turning off lights and setting up traps. Before killing a crewmate, you have to shut the doors to increase the chances of not getting caught and make a quick escape.

Find who to kill

Indeed, both noob and professional players are invited by the game against you, but they don’t have any idea about the impostor. The crewmates’ actual task is to find the impostor while repairing the ship to escape the land. As an impostor, your goal is to kill all crewmates and find a way to escape until one crewmate leaves alive. Before starting the game, you should confirm and find the veteran players, make them your first target on killing list, and then move back to newbies. Avoiding veterans will bring massive trouble for you to solve, and they can easily detect who is an impostor among them.

Keep an eye who’s watching you

For sure, you will be one of those players who don’t want to be caught red-handed either by anyone or security cameras around the map while killing an innocent crewmate Among Us. If someone sees you using the vent, then it’s the deadliest situation for you as an impostor, because only an impostor could use the vent to hide. Try to avoid using that service too much and only use it to escape.

In case you are fed up playing the game, then we’ve a list of Best Games Like Among Us. To confirm why Innersloth isn’t working on Among Us 2, follow the given link.

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