AMD Ryzen 3000 Review – Now Gamers have Alternative to Intel

Saiba Khan

AMD is Back with New Features

After years of Intel dominance in the CPU market, finally, AMD releases a new Ryzen 3000 CUPs offer the tough competition. It introduces a new Zen 2 CPUs, and AMD increases the number cores, improved the power efficiency, and comes with new features, including Support for PCIe 4.0. According to starting reviews, the outcome is chips that prove the toughest competitors of Intel in the market, until AMD can’t wholly beat it in gaming performance.

All users agree that the high thread and core counts of newly released CPUs mean that AMD has a massive advantage overpriced, in which Intel chips are offered, in any programs that weight well across several threads including 3D Rendering and Video Editing Programs. Seriously, the 3900X has no competitors when it launches in Market and comes to several threaded performances that it’s brilliantly delivered.

However, you’re one of those who are searching for a new chip, especially for gaming, then lots of reviews are available whether AMD or Intel provides better performance overall. The main reason is that video games mainly requires fast individual cores and scale across many threads. Some reviews, including PCWorld and Hot Hardware, claims that AMD is better than Intel’s chips, while some others say that Intel’s advantage is decisive.

Besides raw performance, several reviews have praised the extra features that AMD brings to the table with the third generation of Ryzen. A new feature noted by Tom’s Hardware is that the overclocking system is easy to use and requires just a few clicks to start up. Some users also like the Wraith Prism cooler that AMD has embedded with its new CPUs.

The latest CPUs of AMD have massive implications for the upcoming 10th generation Ice Lake CPUs of Intel. However, Intel promises to boost the performance for up to eighteen percent with Sunny Cove. In simple words, Intel gets a new competitor in the market and, of course, needs to ready to confront it. Eventually, AMD is back after enjoying some glory years with the Athlon 64.

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