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All the necessary parts in the trash bin..


Sunshine Lollipops And Rainbows..and Fallout

Ahh, another nice morning outside the vault: zombies are eating flesh of last remaining folks, cute twin-headed cows walking on the radioactive grass and a human-sized rats playing with Your guts.
A bit further, You can see a horde of other diabolic creatures are coming to say “Hi”. So idyllic!
But ironically worst of them all are other players. Quote from my favourite TV show: “All monsters are human”. They all are lurking in the shadows to take Your stuff. Don’t You worry, look around! Gun parts are here and there, just have a bit of fantasy. “Make a slashing great again” some guy would say.

Fallout 76 says – Load up Your friends and bring Your guns..I think

Yes, Fallout 76 is really great concept. If You loved previous Fallout’s I bet You’ll enjoy this too. But this time – with a team of other cannibals, You call Your friends.
Huge open world, and wide crafting possibilities. Imagine everything You can build. It’s like handicraft lesson in 5th grade once again. I’m excited, hope You all are too!

So dramatic, artistic and inspiring video:


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