Infinite Stim Glitch is back in Call of Duty: Warzone to ruin your Gaming Experience

Saiba Khan

In case you’re planning on jumping into CoD: Warzone today, then you might consider sitting this one out. A month ago after the developer fixed a quick-spreading exploit that enabled everyone to cheat their way to achieve victory, it seems the Call of Duty: Warzone’s glitch is back once again to ruin your day.

Exploit is Triggered

Moreover, you might know that the exploit centers on the tactical item that you can equip in load-outs or discover in crates across the map. Probably, the said item is made for only one-time-use which helps you restore the health power. When the exploit is started to trigger, players from worldwide can keep injecting themselves uncertainly to restore their health meter quickly whether they are outside of the circle or not – doesn’t matter.

Although it’s a huge problem, it offers you a chance to achieve victory without engaging with enemies. The thing you are supposed to do is keep yourself away from the safe zone until it kills legitimate players. As the circle ends, the victory will be yours.

How to inject your character repetitively

How much time need to fix the issue isn’t confirmed yet by the developers. However, it seems they will tackle it very soon following the footprint of their experience with the stim glitch. Soon, a patch will be released to fix the issue; till then, you can celebrate victory every time whenever you jump in to play Call of Duty Warzone.

Many times glitches may ruin your gaming experience, but sometimes they are pretty fun to enjoy and make your gaming experience awesome. Players from worldwide are continuously reporting about cheating problems; therefore, Infinity Ward has speed-up their process of emerging third-party cheating software.

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