A New Moon is shown in the Short Trailer of Destiny 2

Saiba Khan

Ready to Explore a New Moon

A short trailer by Bungie has revealed at GuardianCon, displaying a new Moon. The setting for upcoming Shadowkeep DLC pack of Destiny 2 is scheduled to release in September.

Here you have an option to check the trailer below, which lets you know about the massive number of impressive locals that provide players with an opportunity to discover the revamped Moon in all of its glory.

A Standalone Expansion

The Expansion pack will see players return to the glowing Moon, but this time, it will come with several improvements that the edition you experienced in the previous title, two times bigger according to Bungie. It acts as a standalone expansion, means you won’t need to purchase other DLC packs to play it.

Eris Morn is Back

The new chapter revolves around the heroes who turn their attention to frontiers in order to defend the Vanguard. New nightmares have emerged from the darkest shadows of the long-forgotten Moon. Called by the haunting visions from her vicious past, Eris Morn has come back and revealed something unique that once destroyed the lunar surface, a dominant power even she can’t control.

The expansion will bring you back to the moon, where you will journey deep into the strange enemy citadel. Now, you need to help Eris Morn to slay these nightmares before they successfully approach the Moon to cast mankind back into the age of darkness.


  • New Dungeon and Destination
  • Awesome New Gear and Armor to Earn
  • Challenging NewMissions and Quests
  • New Raids
  • Season Pass

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is set for release on 17 September 2019.

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