A massive prize pool of $20 Million is confirmed by Epic Games

Saiba Khan

The moment has come everyone awaited for. A Champion Series is on the way holding a massive prize pool of $20 Million confirmed by Epic Games. Epic announces some modifications in the tournament that carries some significant format changes that both participants and FNCS have been requesting for.

We collected some information through the announcement of Epic Games to make you understand everything you should know about FNSC 2021.

Probably it would be the biggest change as compared to the previous Fortnite Champion Series. Because Epic games have decided to make all of their FNCS events in trio format. It means, there will be no duos or four-man team matches. Some other significant changes are the following:

  • In this competition, players are capable of fighting against each other u cross-platform. That means, no one needs to be on the same platform to participate in the game to join their teams.
  • There will an additional round for weekly qualifiers. Furthermore, the team that makes its place to semi-final can’t able to take part in subsequent qualifiers for that event.
  • Moreover, Epic Games decides to split the semi-finals and finals to separate weekends to prevent players from fatigue.
  • Good news for the first three teams from each region that their position in the next season’s FNCS finals will be secured automatically in only one condition that the team members should be the same.
  • Epic changes some indeterminate scoring format to account for keeping the increased influx of players in mind into the FNCS.

FNCS 2021 Chapter 5 Schedule

Keep in mind that the Season of Chapter 5 is going to release in nearly February and will end in mid-March.

  • Qualifier 1 – Feb 4-7
  • Qualifier 2 – Feb 11-14
  • Qualifier 3 – Feb 18-21
  • Bye Week – Feb 25-28
  • Semi-Finals – March 5-7
  • Reboot Round – March 12-13
  • Finals – March 12-14

All the above information is related to the first of four seasons. For sure, the future dates will be released later.

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